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Wayne is a joy to work with. I have been fortunate enough to work with him a few times so far. He certainly knows his stuff,is great with lighting and can be very helpful with new techniques and poses. He gives great advice for aspiring models and is overall extremely fun to work with. Lexy Lovestruck Model Mayhem#3003827

Got the images today! Thank you so much! Had a lot of fun and the photos came out awesome! You were the only one that could make it work with that old bus with spider webs everywhere, haha! Nice work! Cheers!


AliciaI got the pictures today, and I must say they look awesome! Great Job! I'm very pleased with how everything turned out. I definitely would like to do another shoot with you and like your new ideas. I had fun working you and thank you for all your help.

Thanks again, Alicia
LyrikHi Wayne, Received the images today! Thanks so much, they are Incredible and entirely thanks to you and your photography skills as well as model direction. May I post a couple on various media sites, with credit to you of course? Let me know if you have any ideas you would like to work with me on for a future shoot, I'm definitely open to working with you again. Lyrik  
Jillian and ShaneWe have had many great experiences with Wayne Miller Photography. He shot our wedding and did an excellent job of capturing our special day in such a creative and artistic way. He is very accommodating and professional, which made it easy to feel comfortable with him behind the lens. We have always had more than enough great images to choose. He uses many different lighting techniques and is amazing at photo editing. I will cherish the pictures he has taken of us just as much as the memories and I feel lucky to have worked with such a great photographer. Wayne is truly talented and I would highly recommend him. - Jillian and Shane Keith

Wayne was absolutely amazing to work with. He was very patient with me and helped me with posing and angles for my dance photos. I have had no model training at all, but he was able to instruct me into taking some great pictures and I am extremely satisfied with the results. His use of color makes the pictures he takes seem to glow on their own and is one of the many reasons I wanted to work with him in the first place. Now I have many more reasons to want to work with him again! He was very friendly and professional and even took the time to sit down with me over tea to discuss exactly what I wanted out of the shoot. He then added in his creative ideas, which made the whole photo shoot go above and beyond my expectations. I definitely will want to work with Wayne again.  -Crystal Berger


Wayne did a wonderful job making me and my wife look much better in the photos than we did in real life.  His are the best portraits ever done of us.  Joseph Hearst, APSA, PPSA

DennyWayne exhibits the extra element in his work which sets him apart from the crowd. His artistry is paramount in his creations.” October 3, 2009
Denny Weigand
, Retouch and Restoration Specialist, DigitalWhims


“Wayne has a keen eye for composition and color, complemented by his ability to artistically develop an image into a lasting work of art. As a teacher Wayne provides clear and organized instruction on his topic making learning from him easy and pleasurable.” October 4, 2009 Ken Johnson Photography


Wayne is a highly talented photographer and photography / Photoshop instructor. Wayne's images are stunning! He is constantly keeping up with the newest technology in photography and is a leader among his peers. His work ethic and ethics are bar none. You cannot go wrong choosing Wayne as your photographer or teacher, he is sure to satisfy all of your needs. Tom O'Connor - Photographer” October 12, 2009


I am impressed with how creative Wayne is.  He took a beautiful photo of me with my motorcycle; it was so good I went back for some business photos! I was also impressed with all of the awards his photos have won. Plus, he is a good guy.  Rand Stephens Dec. 2009

JoanI’ve known Wayne for many years through our local camera club and also after his having outgrown the club, as a professional. He is one of the most creative photographers I have met, blowing us away with his exquisitely lighted images of models, extraordinary composites, and his extensive knowledge of Photoshop.When he set up shop for portrait photography, I immediately thought of him whenI needed a decent picture of myself, an elderly woman of 74. His studio is thoroughly professional as are his work ethics. He was very kind to me, taking many different angles and points of view, with and without glasses. He also tried any suggestions of pose that I made. I ended up with about 23 images that were all usable, but we chose one for wrinkle removal, making me look at least 10 years younger. Good work, Wayne and thanks! Joan Field, Danville, CA

Alliie AndersonWayne was a delight to work with. He is very down to earth and made me feel right in my element. His professional attitude when it came to getting the right pose really helped me out just by telling me to move my head a few inches to make the shot. I have no doubt that with his direction, we made some great photographs with a definite feel to each of them. I can't wait to work with Wayne in the future to get some very different shoots with his great eye. Allie Anderson

Jody FrostWayne Miller is the consummate professional! Highly skilled in all aspect of photography, he also brings a spirit of creativity and collaboration to his shoots! I highly recommend! Jody Frost June 3, 2010 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Nicole Cotrez Wayne is a very professional photographer, My experience with him was very comfortable and easy to work with. He was very helpful with direction, and very imaginative and random, which made time go by fast and fun, I will definitely work with him again. Nicole Cotrez May 2011

Hello Wayne, Working with you this weekend was EPIC! Shawn(male model) and I had a blast! We are both excited to see the beautiful work of a skilled photog. I would love to be part of your next concept. Selina Justine(who was my MUA for our shoot and is by far one of the most talented and reliable MUA I've had the pleasure to work with. Martinica 9/10/11
Posted Mar 16, 2010 12:17 PM
Denny Weigand  - East Bay Smug: Lightroom in one hour or less? Why do HDR?
Wayne knows his stuff. It is EXTREMELY difficult to engage everyone all the time. If some individuals lack interest, or the ability to grasp the subject, they SHOULD leave early. Certainly questioning the speakers photographic abilities is beyond the scope of the listener. Remember, this program is free, so you can get up and leave without losing anything. Congratulations to Gus for bringing such a qualified speaker, and hope there are more like Wayne in the future.
Gustavo Fernandez  East Bay Smug: Lightroom in one hour or less? Why do HDR?
Thanks to all of you that came. Wayne did a great job. So much wonderful information was shared. If you want to learn more about Wayne and his upcoming workshops go here:
www.wphotos.com East Bay Smug: Lightroom in one hour or less? Why do HDR?

Kevin Wong 

As an experienced and advanced photoshop user who is considering the switch to lightroom, I'm sold. Up until this point I only used LR 30 day trial. Presentations on complex programs like lightroom and photoshop can fusturate attendees who are looking for more in depth information. I felt the presentation was perfect for me because it really gave me a good overview of what I'm missing out on and has encouraged me to take the next step and experiment more with LR.  East Bay Smug: Lightroom in one hour or less? Why do HDR?


  I'm about to start scanning 27 years of slides and had hoped I might be able to enroll in a workshop that would give me an overview of Lightroom. I was so pleased to attend last nights' meetup. It was, exactly, what I was looking for and it was FREE! Thank you Gus for this great opportunity and thank you Wayne for sharing your knowledge with us. Finding out about what can be done with HDR was very enlightning. Enjoyed both, didn't have any problem following what was being said and look forward to attending as many of these as I can. Alvida V. East Bay Smug: Lightroom in one hour or less? Why do HDR? Alvida Veit

Rachel Balunsat 

 My friends and I all thought the slideshows were beautiful, fun and dynamic. Wayne was thorough and able to answer questions to my satisfaction during the break. I feel confident I can actually do HDR now whereas it was this big complicated mystery before. Thanks for breaking it down Wayne! And thanks for the tips and examples of the various outputs from different HDR programs. Very helpful! 
Rachel Balunsat (+3 guests)  SF Smug Meetup 3-30-2010

Great presentation. Good information on this magical process. I walked away learning a lot more about HDR then I thought I would. Thank you.  Michael Pina
SF Smug Meetup 3-30-2010

Hi folks Yes I too really enjoyed the meet up. I realized that even though he said the scene had to be good to get a good HDR image, I always thought it had to have lots of color to get a dramatic effect. I now know looking at his HDR images, that is not the case. Some of his images did not have a huge contrast of color yet were amazing to look at. I will be setting my camera for lots of bracketing and HRD shots in the very near future...  Thanks Again..KARL
   SF Smug Meetup 3-30-2010

June 25, 2011 - Business 101 Business 101 A to Z a new photographers guide to business success by Wayne Miller.

 Great content! Delivered in a very concise and informative way.  Stacey F


June 25, 2011 - Business 101 Business 101 A to Z a new photographers guide to business success by Wayne Miller. If you want to learn the ins and outs of how to run a successful photography business then this is the seminar for you! Wayne Miller has the background and experience to get you and your photography on the right track to profitability. Great job Tony Gotteli.

Mayilyn CunninghamJune 25, 2011 - Business 101 Business 101 A to Z a new photographers guide to business success by Wayne Miller What a tremendous learning opportunity! Wayne spelled out the ins and outs of the photography business in an easy to understand way. Meeting and sharing with other photographers made for some lively discussion and sharing of tips. If you need help to understand the business I would highly recommend Wayne's class. -Marilyn Cunningham
AmoryJuly 28, 2011
Learn to use your camera flash for Dynamic Portraits - Bay Area Photography Workshops.
Thought it was very good ... informative ... funny ... lots of good tips ... Great job Wayne! -
RobertJuly 28, 2011
Learn to use your camera flash for Dynamic Portraits - Bay Area Photography Workshops.
This Meetup lighting presentation was one of the best, I have attended. Wayne, display a variety of equipment and showed how to use flash with live models. The powerpoint program was first class. Looking forward to the next workshop. 
Robert Amandor
Wayne FrancisJuly 28, 2011
Learn to use your camera flash for Dynamic Portraits - Bay Area Photography Workshops.
Very informative, with many great tips. Thanks Wayne -
Wayne Francis
Professional Photographers of Greater Bay Area - PPGBA Jan 12, 2012 San Francisco.
Wayne shared the ins and outs of experience with HDR photography and associated HDR programs i.e. Photomatix NiK etc.. Enjoyed his slide shows especially the sites along Route 66. Liked also the views from Treasure Island also.
Wayne, Thanks again for judging our photos last night at the Diablo Valley Camera Club. You did a great job. I learned new perspectives and techniques from your comments and I'm sure the others did also. Thank you for helping us develop our photographic skills and enjoyment. Mike Hermens Jan 25, 2012
AlBusiness A-Z a photographer guide to success. March 24, 2012
Excellent class. Gave a broad overview of the industry, as well as specifics on running a photography business. Wayne is a wonderful teacher and he used his business experience and photographic expertise to make this class very helpful.  Al Ichikawa
PPA Super Monday workshop “Creating Dynamic Images with Studio Lighting. Oct 20, 2012  Thanks so much for sharing your extensive knowledge and for helping me move forward with my portrait skills. I greatly appreciate the time and the content specifically targeted to the learning needs of those of us in the workshop.  –Beverly Sanchez
Livermore Valley Camera Club: Thank you again for judging at our club. I have gotten a number of favorable comments about the way you offer constructive comments about how to improve our images.  We certainty would like to have you back this year.  How would Friday Sept 6th, or Monday Sept 16th, Oct 7th, or Nov 4th work for you? Richard