Steampunk photo shoot

Steampunk photo shoot at Nimby’s in Oakland on Sept 23, 2014

Into Italy trailer…..

Into Italy 2014 movie trailer.

Ring of Fire

So what did I do last night. Fire spinning in the Sutro Baths Cave with my fellow photog buddy Alan Rosnov.


Why I shoot HDR

Why I shoot HDR when I travel. These 3 images from Florence, Italy could have all gone in the trash. Hand held one stop over and under. By themselves not very interesting but after 5 minutes after Nik HDR Pro 2 turned into a keeper.  The clouds make the difference. Without them hohum….

Piazza San Marco floods

Piazza San Marco floods on high tides:

 Wikipedia-When you first walk into St Marks square and see the elevated platforms you think that there must be a concert or something. Then you realize that they are actually platforms so you can stand in line when the tide rises. The Piazza San Marco is not far above sea level and during the Acqua Alta, the “high water” from storm surges from the Adriatic or heavy rain, it is quick to flood. Water pouring into the drains in the Piazza runs directly into the Grand Canal. This normally works well but, when the sea is high, it has the reverse effect, with water from the lagoon surging up into the Square.