I am no longer a “Photographer”

As of today February 2, 2015, I am no longer a “Photographer”. It has been a great experience but the brand is over-emphasized. When you buy a violin, “you own a  violin” and one doesn’t just become a “violinist” without years of practice, just as buying paint supplies does not make one a painter. Buying a camera today makes one a photographer. I have no issue except all are in the same category from newbie to professional.

So, as of today, I am now a Photoartist. I make art, with my camera as one of my tools. Wayne Miller Photoartist,  M.Photog. Cr,. CPP

NCPP 79 3-2013

Wayne Miller Photography 2014 in review

Steampunk photo shoot

Steampunk photo shoot at Nimby’s in Oakland on Sept 23, 2014

Into Italy trailer…..

Into Italy 2014 movie trailer.

Ring of Fire

So what did I do last night. Fire spinning in the Sutro Baths Cave with my fellow photog buddy Alan Rosnov.