PPGBA Print of the month “Bad lands Zabriskie Point”

“Bad Lands Zabriskie Point” Death Valley was picked Print of the month June 2014, at PPGBA Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area last night. The judges gave me some fruitful comments to improve the image and I always appreciate honest feedback.

I capture the image on my desert road trip of May 9th 2014 at 6:15am. Yep got to be an early bird to catch the shot. I was the only Photog there so I had the place to myself.  I love these desert road trips because it allows me time to reflex on my journey as a photographer.

PPGBA June 2014 I 80 BOS

PPGBA May 2014 “Bridezilla has the key to my heart”, print of the month.

As a whim I created this image for PPGBA print comp at our May meeting. It was to my surprise that the judges (Clay Blackmore, Paul Tsang, and Rudy Pollak) picked it as Print of the Month. I really just created the image as a joke to see the judges reaction to the title “Bridezilla has the key to my heart”.

Guess you never know what the judges will like or what they will pick based on the creative prank of the maker. It was a fun image and I am pleased that it was well received. For you wedding shooters I know you can relate to a Bridezilla.

Bridzilla has the key to my heart

PPGBA Newsletter May 2014

PPGBA Newsletter May 2014


Goggle Glass

Who needs Goggle Glass when I have Wayne-O-Vision.

#goggleglass, #wayne-o-vision

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