Piazza San Marco floods

Piazza San Marco floods on high tides:

 Wikipedia-When you first walk into St Marks square and see the elevated platforms you think that there must be a concert or something. Then you realize that they are actually platforms so you can stand in line when the tide rises. The Piazza San Marco is not far above sea level and during the Acqua Alta, the “high water” from storm surges from the Adriatic or heavy rain, it is quick to flood. Water pouring into the drains in the Piazza runs directly into the Grand Canal. This normally works well but, when the sea is high, it has the reverse effect, with water from the lagoon surging up into the Square.


Cathedral dome in the Piazza del Duomo

Cathedral dome in the Piazza del Duomo. No the tower of Pisa hasn’t sunk. Just me bad adding a little extra flavor with my wide angle lens tilted up for the effect.


Top of the Tower of Pisa

View from the top of Pisa. Things always look better at the top!


Leaning tower of Pisa

The famous Leaning tower of Pisa, We got to walk the circular stair case to the top…. 296 steps. Cost for entrance $18, experience to climb to the top priceless. View from the top heavenly. My wife is a little scared of heights so when we walked on the down side sloping toward the edge she kind of held back.

Loved seeing all the tourist with their cell phones and iPad camera and the “Holding up the tower pose”.


Italy Trek

Just got back from my three week trek in Italy. 8-days in Rome, 7-Days in Florence and 5-days in Venice.
Loved the country, people and food. Such an amazing place with history that blows your mind. we walked over 200 miles, eat lots of pasta and drank lots of wine!

We saw all the iconic landmarks: Coliseum, , Vatican, Sistine Chapel, and got to climb the steps on the Leaning Tower of Pisa. More images to follow..