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Just did another beta test on screen casting (podcast). Well it is actually a Screen cast on how to do screen casts…the basic tools to get started. Check it out here and comments are welcome.

Judged prints at N4C

Judged prints at N4C July 17th.

Went over to Novato this morning to judge prints for N4C Northern California Council of Camera Clubs. The ride was a little long since Infineon Raceway had an event and traffic was slow.

I enjoyed judging the prints and quit a few of the photographers in these clubs are very good.

I enjoy judging as it helps me as a photographer to notice things in others people’s work that I might not see in my own. After you sit and stare at an image for awhile your brain goes into overload and you miss some obvious stuff. So when you judge someone else’s work you see this obvious and remember to look for it in your own work.

Tip: Always ask another skilled professional to critique your images your spouse, family or friends might just say nice image and to get better you need an honest critique (even if it hurts : )…)

President of NCPP

Well it is official I was sworn in as President of NCPP (Northern California Professional Photographers) on July 13th in Walnut Creek, CA, We had a great evening and the speaker was “the becker” (well known wedding photographer from L.A).

We also had several vendors at the event and Wintec gave out fifty (50) 16GB CF cards to attendees, SmugMug gave us camera straps and we also had over $2,500 in raffle prizes. All in all we had a great evening and now it is time to roll up my sleeves as President and help guide the organization.

If you are a professional photographer check out NCPP website (of which I am the “Blogomeister” : )

Cheers for now Wayne

Auburn Air Show July 10

Clayton 4th of July Parade

Clayton 4th of July Parade

Clayton 4th of July Parade

Clayton 4th of July Parade

Veterans at Clayton 4th of July Parade