Will they return ?


Steampunk photo shoot

Steampunk photo shoot at Nimby’s in Oakland on Sept 23, 2014

Journey to Innovation

This image “Fighting Tigers” won Best of Show at PPGBA (Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area) print competition August 2013.
86 PPGBA 8-2013   79 Western 2014

As an artist one often stops to reflect on ones work and looks to what is on the horizon. I find my personal projects to be very satisfying to my artistic spirit, and challenge me to push myself further.

I like to try different lighting scenarios, background, props, locations, subjects, models, themes and methods to stretch the boundaries. Sometimes my efforts fail and I fall smack on my face or the new creative effort fails miserably in print completion. I am no stranger to failure and always learn from my mistakes.

My heart always speeds up when my images comes up for judging and I have been doing competition for almost 10 years. Most of the time I almost know what the judges might say or what score they may give my image. My though at that minute is “it is a good image, but it needs to be better”. After the judge’s comments which I always find constructive, even when once in a while they rip me a new one, that it makes me think crap why didn’t I see that.

That said I am reinventing my art again and going out of my comfort zone and trying new concepts, different themes and lighting. I have revitalized my website and gallery to reflect my evolution as a photographer and artist. Am I there yet, No, I know what I want to create so I must push on and fail to succeed. I want new models to work with on this journey to innovative new images.

Photo shoot with Katie

Katie was a great subject to photography. Had fun and thank you Teresa Song MUA for making Katie shine.


Flying Dreams

You never know what response you might get from a judge in image competition. Thursday night at Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area the image scored an 84 and one of the judges Hanson Fong challenged the score, Hanson said he scored it a 90 and he thought that was low so after a discussion the final score was 90.

Wow I was taken aback by the final score that won the Illustrative class. I also submitted the image to PPA International Print Comp and have my fingers crossed. I need three more exhibit merits to get my PPA Masters Degree. The image “Flying Dreams” was created using a technique using painted layers of smoke and dust in Photoshop. You never know if the judges will love it or hate it…….this time they liked it…….

scored 90 PPGBA June 2013


Having a little fun with Photoshop plugin “The Artists; Quarter” a new watercolor panel by Russell Preston Brown.
The image started out as a photo and you use the brushes to paint in colors. Thanks you Russell Preston Brown.

Ballerina and professional dancer

 Christina is a ballerina and professional dancer. Great subject to photography.



Sometimes it just about the expression and a title is not necessary!

Blue Knight

Another one from the Mare Island Shoot.