PPA Super 1 Day Dynamic Lighting with Studio Strobes and Speedlights

Dynamic Lighting with Studio Strobes and Speedlights
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Course #CA04
Wayne Miller, Cr.Photog., CPP

Any great photographer knows that exceptional lighting is the way to skyrocket your career! In this course, you’ll explore the lighting tricks and techniques that will allow you to create dynamic, “WOW!” images that are more than just photos. Get hands-on and delve into natural light, speed lights and studio strobes as you learn to light in ways you’ve never imagined!

Amazing lighting is every photographer’s key to the Promised Land – and Wayne Miller can show you the way!

Course Date:Monday, October 27, 2014

Course Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Items to Bring:camera, lenses, speedlight (flash), tripod, eagerness to learn new techniques!

Wayne Miller Photography
Clayton, CA 94517

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wmphotos.com-Lyrik-PPGBA Print of the Month March 2014

PPGBA 87 Print on the month Jan 2014

Wayne_Miller_--16 copy

Rockabilly Riot-Hot rods, Rat rods and Drag Racing June 27, 2014 in Reno, NV

PPGBA Print of the month “Bad lands Zabriskie Point”

“Bad Lands Zabriskie Point” Death Valley was picked Print of the month June 2014, at PPGBA Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area last night. The judges gave me some fruitful comments to improve the image and I always appreciate honest feedback.

I capture the image on my desert road trip of May 9th 2014 at 6:15am. Yep got to be an early bird to catch the shot. I was the only Photog there so I had the place to myself.  I love these desert road trips because it allows me time to reflex on my journey as a photographer.

PPGBA June 2014 I 80 BOS

PPGBA May 2014 “Bridezilla has the key to my heart”, print of the month.

As a whim I created this image for PPGBA print comp at our May meeting. It was to my surprise that the judges (Clay Blackmore, Paul Tsang, and Rudy Pollak) picked it as Print of the Month. I really just created the image as a joke to see the judges reaction to the title “Bridezilla has the key to my heart”.

Guess you never know what the judges will like or what they will pick based on the creative prank of the maker. It was a fun image and I am pleased that it was well received. For you wedding shooters I know you can relate to a Bridezilla.

Bridzilla has the key to my heart

Goggle Glass

Who needs Goggle Glass when I have Wayne-O-Vision.

#goggleglass, #wayne-o-vision

Wayne_Miller_--10 copy

Thomas…..”Live Fast Die Young”

Preliminary of shoot with Thomas…..”Live Fast Die Young”

Thomas-Live Fast Die Young-wmphotos.com-9554


My goal for 2013 degree as a Master Photographer

My goal for 2013 was to get my degree as a Master Photographer. I now have enough print merits to apply for the PPA Master Photographer in 2014. You need 13 print merits in PPA-IPC (Professional Photographers of America-International Print Competition), and 12 service merits.

I joined PPA in 2007 and two years later got up enough nerve to enter my first PPA-IPC in 2009. Wow I got three prints, out of four, to merit was I elated. In 2010 zip..nada..nothing… a sign that I had to pick-up my game. In 2012 another three out of four. In 2013 another three out of four and just one short for the degree. PPA-Western District Competition last week landed a sealed print which went entered in PPA-IPC in 2014 will earn my final merit. So my goal is delayed one year for the Masters degree. That said I am excited about the degree and now my next goal is to get 4 out of 4 and get a print into the Loan Collection (which is the best of the best in PPA-IPC).
Might take me another five years, and I feel that print comp makes you a better person and image creator.

Sin City

Photo Shoot with Lyrik

Great fun time with this great subject. Lyrik was fun to work with and her radiant personality shows in this image IMO

Wayne_Miller_Portrait of Lyrik

PPA Super Monday Classes

Stoked to have PPA mention my Super Monday classes in their bog.

Lily Dong the Sharp Shooter

This is an image from my Creative Illustrations Set that is one of many personal projects. Lily Dong is the model and Teresa Song is the MUA.


Lily Dong Sharp Shoter Photo Session

Enjoyed the portrait photo session with a fellow photography Lily Dong.



Images of Sofia

Had a ball with this little girl at our photo shoot.
Wayne_Miller_Photography_-7273 Wayne_Miller_Photography_-7285 Wayne_Miller_Photography_-7305 Wayne_Miller_Photography_-7321

New Store

Red Bull Flugtag


 Camille is a ballerina and a fun subject to photography.

Another in the Ballernia Series

Another great shoot of a ballerina in the series.

Flexible Dancer

Great subject and wow what a flexible dancer.

San Francisco Carnaval 2012

Some images from the San Francisco Carnaval 2012 by Wayne Miller Photography

San Francisco Carnaval 2012

Some images from the San Francisco Carnaval 2012

Hailey Airport Runway Series

Another one from the Airport Runway Series. Hailey has a great look and was fun to work with. I really enjoy this type of concept imagery. It gives one an opportunity to create images in an Avant-Garde style.

Wing Candy another reason to own a plane….

Just another reason to own a plane…wing candy…..

Stefanie posed for the last shot of the day for the Hearth Break Hotel

Stefanie posed for the last shot of the day for the Hearth Break Hotel Series.

Nyla Crystal

Nyla Crystal another great subject to photograph. She is a very talented Belly Dancer!
http:// www.nylacrystal.com/


Surreyya was a great subject to photograph. She is a very talented Belly dancer, and Belly Dance Instructor!