Why hire a Pro?

by Wayne Miller-

Professional photographers have the expertise and knowledge to capture the moment.  It takes years to develop an artistic eye for photography.  CPP Certified Professional Photographers have taken this one step further.

Professional photographers spend time and money to be on the cutting edge of techniques, technology, and current trend.  They live and breathe photography and it shows in every image by experience not luck.

Professional photographers know the ropes when it comes to a client’s needs; reliability, punctuality, accountability, quality control, unique products, posing, lighting, presentations, and customer satisfaction.

Professional photographers invest thousands of dollars in professional equipment, post processing software, and the training that is needed to make it all work.  Remember it is the photographer that takes the image not the camera.  Anyone can push the shutter button but only the trained eye of the Professional can capture the moment.

Lets face it people are emotional beings and make decisions based on emotional judgments.  They will hire a photographer because they like him/her with no regard for their ability.  So then why a Professional Photographer, because of the above reasons plus personality too.   Pros are knowledgeable and comfortable with themselves so they capture great images time and time again by experience not chance.

 In Conclusion:
You get what you pay for….it works in all forms of life.  Uncle Joe with his expensive camera takes nice flower pictures, but do you want to trust him with your wedding images?  Maybe just ok is good enough, and the lowest priced photographer is ok.  But for a little bit more isn’t it worth investing in images that will last a lifetime and even generations?